Paraffin Slack Wax Supply from Excelube Marketing includes slack wax, micro wax, micro slack wax, bright stock slack wax, rubber process oil, TDAE and RAE.
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Excelube Marketing is a paraffin slack wax seller, distributor and exporter for over 10 years. Excelube Marketing distributes Paraffin Slack Wax, Micro Wax and Bright Stock Slack Wax from refineries in South East Asia. Excelube Marketing also distributes Paraffin Wax from Middle East. Excelube Marketing sells and exports over 6,000 MTons of paraffin slack wax products per year

Excelube Marketing has developed excellent relationships with paraffin slack wax refineries throughout the years, and can ensure continuous and reliable supply at competitive pricing. Excelube Marketing understand fully the slack wax supply market and able to customize the right product at competitive pricing following customer requirements.

Excelube Marketing also sells various grades of Rubber Process Oil (RPO) i.e. Aromatic Rubber Process Oil, TDAE and RAE from refineries in Thailand and Indonesia.

Excelube products are supplied throughout the world to different markets and are used in various industrial applications. 

Excelube has strong market knowledge, and our excellent relationships with refineries and logistic provider, ensures our customers always receive their product on time at competitive pricing, even during times of market uncertainty and supply scarcity.

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